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booth prep time !!!  the colors of the mosart studios wall is in tribute to my mom . . .  both her love of americana as well as her red walls in her house.  even my trunk which is part of the display is a family heirloom i received when i was a young girl.  the star is mine but obviously can have dual meaning.  i was smart and had a stencil made . . .  made painting my name easy and fun !!!  the background is more of a burnt red . . .  getting lots of compliments.

booth painting day also shows how life isn’t perfect . . . on my way to lunch the cars axle broke . . . never a dull moment.

hanging went much easier !! i think i framed alot more than i thought !! i love the outcome and hope you do too !!!  it was a smooth day except for the fact that i forgot half my price tags . . . aww wouldn’t be me if i didn’t !!!  despite the fact that i am very organized . . .  life still happens !!!  now i am getting very excited for preview night and opening weekend !!  can’t wait to see ya !!!

my first pics of the grounds !! now you know the building you are looking for !!

2017 !!!     the latest at the top . . .

NEW 5x7

greeting cards



zinc plate etching


my best selling original etching of the show



haven’t been at the show lately . . . my boy cat took some kind of impact injury . . . my guess is a fall . . .  major trauma . . . he went from ‘euthanasia’ . to at home care , , , he is far from out of the woods but now it is wait and see.  so been giving him lots of good energy and care.  he has been his loving boy-cat self throughout and has improved so much.  extremely grateful can be there for the young guy. 

if you have any ? email me . . . there are also some notes at my booth on the processes of printmaking . . .

thanks for your understanding

a ‘made me smile’ moment

a card found tucked away in my guestbook

from a fellow artist i have done some work with !

‘spoofdawg rescue’ fundraiser

mosart studios


for the drawing


original mini illustration



an etching


mo’s illustrations

are joining her printmaking this year !!!

reception invites  in hand please email if you would like one !!!

a new look for art-a-fair

making more minis for the show !!!!

and gathering up the art

in my

small space

day one . . . paint the wall

        many days later . . . .     

                                                                   PREVIEW NIGHT


                                  the workshop . . . year one . . . sundays                  

watercolor monoprint plate

1st timer projects:    

lino cuts


plexiglass etching

experienced ?

come play with akua inks and a pinpress

booth a9