etchings zinc copper plexiglass

currently working on ...........

looked into continuing printing a few years back when i heard about the print studio in irvine ... but life jumped in the way.   being accepted into the laguna art-a-fair for printmaking gave me the creative push to jump back into the studio. 

i did several things .... looked at my old plates to see which ones i never completed or never completed in the amount of prints i wanted.  as for my copper and zinc plates they were quite dirty and tarnished.  hate to admit it but i didn’t clean the ink off them very well and  i could have stored them better.   but then again we do  destroy the plates when finished.  its part of the value of a  print series. 

so plate recovery is being added to my forte.   i also took count of my inventory of blank plates.  i am currently working on 2x2’s as well as a larger copper plate of a lemur.   i am reworking 2 old plexiglass plates and running 2 old series of copper plates.

i also learned a few new things and am playing around with them.  there is now a home press which looks like a giant metal rolling pin called a pin press.   i have had some excellent test runs with it.   but have not done a full run.  i actually think it may take a little longer to do ..... but that could be my small space too.

but while i had or have all these projects going i jumped back with a plexiglass plate of a chicken.  not any chicken but ‘blue’ my brothers’ chicken who thought she was a cat.  she would turn around when she saw me and arch her back.   she wanted me to pet her and when i did she rolled into my hand.  plus she knew how to sneak into the house to eat the cat food.   i started with a line drawing  and then ended up adding texture with dots, scraping and eventually an acrylic medium ...natural sand by liquitex. 

2 runs of ‘blue’ were run ... the first with a lot of texture the second with less.   the texture when cleaning the plate with alcohol is very easily removed.  i knew this before hand because it is a technique i use in acrylics.   but my love of variety often leads to 2 print runs.   especially since at this point in time my art is ‘my story’ .... my creative journey.   i may run 1 more series on the pin press ... if not this plate is done.

i use waterbased paint to test the line work i am creating

an inked plate ready for the printing press


MO’ TO COME  . . . . . . .         .