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. . . work is informed by her interest in animals, narrative and the strength of the visual image to communicate alternately complex of simple, subtle or powerful ideas.  Her expertise in drawing is unquestionable, and is the result of much time and thought on her part.  Much of her work in etching has been focused on creating textures, exploring a range of mark-making approaches, and delving into the unpredictability of the process . . . .


                                                                                                     excerpt from a letter of recommendation





my art story

while classically trained in illustration and fine art mo developed her own unique style of illustration during her mfa program at the academy of art university in san francisco.  now on her own she continues to do this in all her artistic endeavors.  breaking the rules of traditional gallery artists of focusing on one style  mo has many roads to her artistic journey.  but if you look deep there are a series of connecting elements.

most importantly everything starts with her love of drawing and maintains that element somewhere in the work.  secondly animals are the central focus of mo’s work.  animals that mostly look to a world beyond her own in which she shares her personal observations/studies.  this element connects to her love for sharing and learning.  mo has always taught or coached throughout her life as well as being labeled a ‘forever student’ by a mentor/friend. the third element  are flaws and ‘happy accidents’ which are embraced by mo ... after all ‘life isn’t perfect’.  mo incorporates this element either by picking the litho stone with the scratch or chip as well as creating elements of imperfections in her other work.  sometimes you can find her pouring alcohol on a piece or attacking a wood panel/skateboard drawing with a sander .

her strongest belief is art should be experienced ... and shared . . . which  mo brings to life when approaching a new work . . . a new adventure full of texture and layers. the skateboards created for her grandchildren to ride also share this attitude.  by creating intricate works of art she shares creativity, quality of work, and herself with them every time they ride. she definitely brings this belief to festivals or whenever working in public.

copies and photographs throughout this site do not quite capture nor do justice to her works ... missing some of the layering of colors and textures seen in life.

oh and by the way can you tell she was influenced by e. e. cummings when she was young by all the lower case writing.


this year :    working on my illustration techniques

the introduction of a  new collection which mostly black and white collection called the ‘squares’  finds me brushing up on my ballpoint pen on watercolor paper.  while continually studying animals i continued to look for ways to create texture and variation with the ink of a ballpoint.  

i love playing with ways to reproduce my  illustrations.  this year i am introducing  pc (postcard) prints on 32 pt acid free paper.  some of these are making their way to being hand painted  . . . either with watercolor or acrylic washes.    and of course my ballpoint pen !!

hope to see you at the show !!


p.s.  heading back into the print lab this summer so stay tuned for new works . . . all summer long  ! !






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